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Happy Easter! Here are nine vintage Easter Bunny pictures to make your skin crawl.

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7 million and counting


All Americans should have access to affordable, quality care; whether it’s through employers, public exchanges, CHIP, Medicaid or Medicare. We are children, workers of all wages, disabled, and seniors. Some of us can pay more, some less, and some not at all. Today, we should celebrate, not gloat or brood. And the day EVERY citizen can have access will be like 4th of July.


Dubbo Drop Bear Sanctuary - Dubbo, Australia

The city of Dubbo, 250 miles northwest of Sydney, is home to a refuge for one of Australia’s least known yet most lethal animals: the Drop Bear (Thylarctos plummetus).

Drop Bears can be difficult to recognize due to their close resemblance to koalas. Both animals have round, grey bodies, fluffy ears, and large black noses. Both inhabit eucalyptus trees and are largely sedentary, spending up to 20 hours each day sleeping. It is during the remaining four hours, however, that the differences between the species become frighteningly apparent.

Drop Bears lie in wait among the leaves until they spot a hiker approaching. When the hapless walker strides beneath the bear’s tree, the creature drops, landing on the person’s head and usually biting into their neck to subdue them.

For more secret terror of the Drop Bear, keep reading on Atlas Obscura…

Just when you think you’re safe!